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The Golden Compass

People who are interested will probably have seen the film by now. If they're very interested, they'll probably have read about how the film didn't do as well as the studio had hoped at the American box office. They might also have read that the film did very well in the rest of the world, but that despite that, the studio isn't likely to make the sequels.

I haven't got very much to add to that except to say that many things about the film were excellent, especially the performances. Of course Im disappointed that were not likely to see Dakota Blue Richards acting the rest of Lyra's story, and Nicole Kidman doing Mrs Coulter's final speech, and Sam Elliott holding out against the enemy forces at the pass in the mountains and a hundred other things; but there we are.

The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo

Chris Marshall met the girl he was going to kill on a warm night in early June, when one of the colleges in Oxford was holding its summer ball." A chance meeting with Jenny at an Oxford party leaves seventeen-year-old Chris with hope for a summer romance - and no premonition of trouble. Busy with his job and soon in love with Jenny, whose cheerful surface belies the dark uncertainty of her past, Chris misses all the signs of danger. Before he knows it, he's caught in the sinister web of a criminal whose desire for revenge crushes those who stand in his way. This low-budget film was made by some Dutch enthusiasts, and I think they made a pretty good job of it.